Welcome to Far West Sporting Adventures!

At Far West, we pride ourselves on providing successful fishing experiences. Centered in a fishing mecca, we instill three generations of fishing knowledge into our trips.

We provide you with an unforgettable fishing trip in Southern Oregon by equipping you with a knowledgable, patient, and enthusiastic guide.

We work together with you to create a detailed plan oriented to meet your requests.

Great guide. Great Time!

Todd W.

Far West is a full-time guide service, and we’re on the water year-round to ensure you have the best chance to catch your desired species.

Meet Your Guide

Brandon Hiatt

Born and raised in Klamath Falls, I’ve been fortunate to grow up wandering these creeks and rivers. I was handed down multiple generations of wisdom, passion and love for the outdoors. It’s given me the opportunity to teach and demonstrate these strategies, knowledge and techniques to fellow anglers and future anglers on and off the river.